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For people who sail frequently

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See Which Cruises
Your Friends Are On

Connect with your friends and see which sailings they are on.

Look up an individual friend and get an easy view of their upcoming sailings OR

Look at all sailings that your friend(s) are on and see who's on that sailing.

Cruises with friends app home screen
Screenshot of the users upcoming sailings

Your Sailings

See all your upcoming sailings.

Add new sailings easily by selecting the cruise line, ship and then sailing.

Once you have added your sailing you can see any friends on that sailing at the touch of a button.

And Mobile

You can access your Cruises with Friends account from your smartphone using our apps as well as on your tablet and computer through our web portal.

You will the same data regardless of which device you use, and you can use our service from multiple devices simultaneously.

Cruises with Friends running on phone, table and desktop

"Cruises with Friends is a fantastic tool for cruisers like me. I enjoy going on cruises with friends, and easily seeing which ships my friends are sailing on makes it easier for me to select my future cruises."

Stuart Gonzales Frequent Royal Caribbean Cruiser