1 August 2022

Having gone on a number of cruises in last year, we realized that there was no easy way to coordinate which cruises to go on if we wanted to travel with friends. And so Cruises with Friends was conceived.

Our goal

Our goal was to create a service that makes it easy for users to manage their upcoming cruises as well as see which sailings their friends are going on. We made the service free, to encourage as many cruisers to sign up and connect with their friends.

Our first version of Cruises with Friends is just the start and we hope to develop it much further, with the feedback of our users and friends. We are also looking for suggestions on how we can improve our tool.


Privacy is at the core of Cruises with Friends. We will share users' information with any 3rd party, unless the users explicitly wants their data to be shared. The information we store belongst to the user, and the user only. When a user invites friends to connect the user will of course consent to sharing their data with their friend.