Connecting to Royal Caribbean's Wi-Fi and Internet

2 August 2023

Voom is the Internet service on Royal Caribbean ships. In this blog we will cover how to connect to the Wi-Fi network and register your account, as well as how to log in and log out. We'll finish with information on what happens when you reach your device limit.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

All ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet have a guest Wi-Fi network, which is the network that you will be logging into. The name of the network will be something like WiFi-Guest-[Ship Name] so for Odyssey of the Seas it is WiFi-Guest-Odyssey.

When you connect to the Wi-Fi a login window should appear asking you to sign-in or register your account.

Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi log in Wi-Fi sign in

If the Log In does not appear you can log in using your web browser. Open your web browser and navigate to or This will take you to the Sign In page.

If this is the first time you are logging onto the Internet on this sailing you will need to register your account. Otherwise click Sign In.

Wi-Fi sign up Wi-Fi devices Wi-Fi connected

To register your account go to the section First time here? and fill in the form. You will need provide your Name, Year of Birth, Cabin Number including the deck number, a unique Username and a PIN. Once you have entered these details click Next.

Next you will see the Internet packages that you have purchased or been given. If this does not match up with what you expected contact the Internet team to get it rectified.

Select the package and then click Activate Internet. You are now connected.

Logging in

Once you have registered your account you can log in and out of the Internet. Every once in a while there is a chance that you will be automatically logged out as well, in which case you just need to log back in again.

Wi-Fi sign in Wi-Fi signing in Wi-Fi connected

To do this connect to the ship's guest Wi-Fi network again. You may see the login screen. If not navigate to or

Logging Out

To log out from the Internet on your device open your web browser and navigate to

Connecting With Too Many Devices

In your account you will have a certain number of devices included in your Internet package. You can only connect to the Internet with that number of devices simultaneously.

Wi-Fi devices Wi-Fi connected

If you try to connect with more devices than you have in your package one of your connected devices will be automatically disconnected. This is normally done is a round-robin, so it's likely that the first device you connected with gets disconnected.

We highly recommend that if you want to connect with an additional device, that you sign out from one of your connected devices before signing in with the new device. That way you have control of which devices are connected.

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