Explora Journeys available on Cruises with Friends

16 January 2023

We have expanded the number of cruise lines on Cruises with Friends, with the addition of Explora Journeys.

Cruise lines on Cruises with Friends

We have increased the number of cruise lines available on our platform to 10, with the addition of Explora Journeys. See below for a list of the currently supported lines.

Cruise Line
Explora Journeys* (New)
Holland America
Norwegian Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Royal Caribbean
Virgin Voyages*
* Sailings must be created manually as they are sailings are not currently automated.

Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is a brand new luxury cruise line owned by The MSC group.

Other Cruise Lines

We are continuously adding new cruise lines to our service. Please use the feedback form or email us with cruise lines you would like to see added or other suggestions.

New Cruise Ships

With the addition of Explora Journeys to the platform we have include their first two ships Explora 1 and 2.