Chatting in the Royal Caribbean App for Free

Published: 15 August 2023
Updated: 20 September 2023

The Royal Caribbean app has a messaging feature that allows you to chat with other passengers onboard your sailing.

Chat Feature

The chat feature in the Royal Caribbean app allows you to chat with other passengers onboard your sailing for FREE.

Chat is only available while onboard your ship and only while you are connected to the ship's Wi-Fi network. Note that you DO NOT have to have an Internet package to use the chat feature, you just have to be connected to the Wi-Fi.

Where is the Messaging feature?

You will find a link to the chat service in the top right of every page. The link looks like this:

Messaging app link

Royal Caribbean App Contacts Wi-Fi sign in

Chat Home Page

On the chat home page you will see a list of your contacts. If they are currently online they will have a small green circle in their initials circle.

The contacts in your contact list will be a combination of people you have invited or accepted invitations from and anyone you have linked your account with. So if you're travelling with a group or just a family member and your itineraries have been linked or you are on the same itinerary they will automatically appear in your contacts.

Adding a Contact

To add a contact to your chat click Invite to chat in the chat home page. Type in the name of the person you want to add and click Invite

The person will receive an invitation requestion and if they accept the invitation you will be able to start chatting.

If the person doesn't appear when you try to look them up, it is likely that they have not enabled lookup of their profile. In the lookup page they need to enable Let other guests find me by name..


To start a chat, click on the contact you want to chat with.

This will open a chat window, where you can message each other. This is similar to the chat in most other chat apps such as WhatsApp, Signal and Skype.

Chatting Notifications Phone home screen


If someone sends you a chat message while you are not in the app their chat message will appear as a pop-up on your screen. The message will also be visible on you phone's home screen. See the last 2 screenshots to see how this looks.

Group Chat

A feature that is not well known, that we discovered on our last sailing was Group Chat.

To start a group chat click Edit Create chat icon in the top right of the window.

Next select the participants you want in the group and click Next.

You have now created a chat group. Go ahead and start sending messages to the group.

Create group Add group members Group chat

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