Must have Items you should Bring on your Cruise

Published: 19 February 2023 - Updated: 15 May 2023

We have list of items you should definitely bring on your cruise, that you might not have thought of. We only list items that we ourselves purchase and use.

Apple Airtag

Apple Airtags allow you to track the location of basically anything. Putting an Airtag into your luggage allows you to know the location of your luggage while travelling.

Knowning that our luggage has made it onto our flight and onto the ship has been a huge relief.

In the last few years we have twice experienced that luggage has not made it onto our flight. In one case it was sent to Chicago, instead of Houston. Fortunately we were able to collect it from the first flight the next day. In 2022, one of our luggages was lost for over 3 weeks.

Here are links to Apple Airtags on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK Single Airtag
Amazon UK 4 Pack of Airtag
Amazon USA Single Airtag
Amazon USA 4 Pack of Airtag

Magnetic Hooks

The walls and ceilings of a cruise ship cabin are made of steel and you can attach basically any magnetic item to these surfaces.

Magnetic hooks are a great way of increasing the storage space in your cabin, whether it's for hanging wet clothes for drying or dry clothes for airing.

Here are links to magnetic hooks on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Luggage Tag Holders

When you drop off your bags at the port on embarkation day you will have attached luggage tags to the bags your are dropping off. The luggage tags will have been sent to you as a PDF file that you print, and then staple to your bags.

It's a hassle to bring a stapler to the cruise, just so that you can attach the luggage tag to your bags. This is where luggage tag holders come in. Print out the luggage tag and slip it into the holder on embarkation day.

Here are links to luggage tag holders on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Sun Bum - Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential on most cruises if you plan on spending any time in the sun. There are a number of different brands of sunscreen so why did we choose Sun Bum?

Sun Bum's sunscreen is reef friendly, which is a requirement by a number countries and site if you are planning on swimming or bathing in fresh or salt water. Sun Bum was the brand we chose before going on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston, and we have not turned back.

Here are links to Sun Bum sun screen on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Towel Clips

If you have a stateroom with a balcony towel clips are a must. They allow you to securely attach your wet clothes to the furniture on your balcony, without the risk of they disappearing into the deep blue sea.

Here are links to towel clips on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

USB Plug

Your stateroom has a limited number of power sockets, and only the newest ships actually have USB sockets in the room. A 3 or 4 port USB plug will allow you to charge multiple phones, tablets etc using one socket. If you buy a European plug you will usually get a UK and European interchangeable plug.

Here are links to USB plugs on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA


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