Plan Your Cruise Early With The Cruise Planner

27 December 2023

Once you have booked your cruise you should start planning your cruise using the cruise planner. Through the cruise planner you can book dining and drink packages, Internet packages, shore excursions and more.

Plan Early

You should purchase any packages that you are looking for early, to ensure that you get the packages that you want and to lock in the price. You can always cancel any purchases you don't want and get a refund, up to 48 hours before embarkation.

Price Drop

Should the price of any purchased packages drop in the time between the when you purchased the package and 2 days before your sailing you can cancel package you have purchased and repurchase it at the new price. Packages fluctuate in price and may not always drop.


Certain packages will often drop during one of the cruise line's sales. You will often see the Internet packages, Key and beverage packages drop in price. Dining packages and shore excursions always show a discount, but don't really drop much during sales.

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