Should I Bet High or Low Stakes ?

22 May 2023

There are basically two strategies you can use when playing the slot and video poker machines, high stakes and low stakes. Both have benefits and drawbacks and you should decide on the strategy that works best for you.

Low Stakes

Playing low stakes means it takes a long time to earn casino points. If you're only playing 50¢ per spin it will take you 10 spins to earn 1 point. In order to make 2,500 points you will need to make 25,000 spins. If each spin takes 6 seconds it will take you about 42 hours to earn the points.

Now if you enjoy spending time in the casino and enjoy just playing on the slot machines, playing low stakes makes a lot of sense.

Playing low stakes should also minise your losses, because the more spins you play the closer you will get to matching the machine's RTP (return to player) percentage. We believe that the gaming machines in the Casino Royale casinos have a RTP of around 85%.

High Stakes

High stakes play means high risk and potentially high rewards. With high stakes are you are less likely to hit the machine's RTP (return to player), and you are much more likely to hit extremes, whether that's wins or losses.

If you are trying to minimise your time in the casino and maximise your points, playing high stakes makes sense. If you are playing $7 per spin you are making 1.4 points per spin. It will take you 1,786 spins to earn 2,500 points. If each spin takes 6 seconds it would take you 3 hours to get there.

Testing the strategies

We will be earning casino points across several sailings in 2023, where we will do extensive testing of low versus high stakes gaming. We will update this blog and other blogs with the results of our findings.

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