What You Need To Know About Luggage Tags For Your Royal Caribbean Sailing

Created: 27 September 2023
Updated: 20 November 2023

Much like the baggage check process at an airport, Royal Caribbean's luggage tags enable you to leave your bags at the cruise terminal, where they will be delivered to your cabin on the day you board the ship. Here's what you need to know about your luggage tags.

Finding your luggage tags

Some time before your cruise, you'll get your digital cruise documents, that detail your ship, departure date, cabin, and deck level. The cruise documents will be sent to you by email and they can also be found in the Upcoming Cruises section on Royal Caribbean's website.

The final page of your cruise documents contains luggage tags that you can print and affix to your baggage. You can also click the Luggage Tags link next to it if you only want to download the luggage tags.

See Royal Caribbean's page on downloading your luggage tag at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/faq/questions/download-luggage-tag

Attaching your luggage tags

The printed luggage tags give you instructions on how fold and attach the luggage tags to your bags. Royal Caribbean's recommendation is to tape or staple the tags around the bags' handles. If you're travelling to the cruise city by air, this may be very inconvenient.

Instead, we recommend purchasing a set of luggage tag holders, as shown below.

Here are links to luggage tag holders on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

What if you don't have luggage tags

Luggage tags make the bag drop off at the cruise terminal go faster and smoother, as you can just give your bag directly to the porters for loading onto the ship.

If you don't have a luggage tag, don't stress, the porters at the cruise terminal will give you a luggage and attach it to your bag. This will just take slightly longer.

What if I have had a successful Royal Up or changed cabin?

If you have had a successful Royal Up bid, and your new stateroom has been allocated after you left home, so you cannot print your new luggage tags you have 2 options.

You can take your luggage to the cruise terminal and the porters will give you a luggage tag, as described in the section What if you don't have luggage tags.

Alternatively you could download our blank luggage tag templates and fill them out by hand when. You could have the blank ones printed just in case

Here are the links to the blank luggage tags and an existing pre-filled luggage tag, so that you can see what it should look like.

Blank luggage tag
Filled luggage tag

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