The Best and Worst Times to Cruise

20 December 2023

The best time to cruise is during the off-season and the worst time is during holidays, especially major holidays.

The Best Times To Cruise

You will get the best prices during the following periods.


January through the first week of February is a quiet period in cruising, as the holiday season is over and people are trying to save money.


The middle of August until the end of August can be attractive as school children have returned to school and students have returned to university.

Post Thanksgiving

Prices during the week of Thanksgiving are very high, but the week after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas has some of the best prices. For example a 3 day cruise with Royal Caribbean going into the week of Thanksgiving could cost $900, whereas a week later the same cruise could be as low as $90.

The Worst Times To Cruise

The worst times to cruise is during school holidays and major holidays. This will include spring break, Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

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