Upgrading your Royal Caribbean Cabin

23 March 2023

There are several ways you can upgrade your cabin on your Royal Caribbean cruise, and it may not even cost you anything. If there are costs make sure to check the cost of each option before committing. Here are 4 ways you can upgrade your cabin.

Ask Onboard

When you embark the ship you can go to the Guest Services Desk and ask them if there is the possibility of an upgrade. Upgrades are usually handed on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are doing back to back sailings and you are a member of the Crown & Anchor society you can approach the Loyalty Ambassador or Concierge and ask them if it's possible to get an upgrade on the back to back.

The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. In the best case you get a free upgrade and in the middle you may be asked to pay a small fee.

Royal Up

Royal Caribbean's Royal Up program allows you to make a bid for a cabin upgrade. You can bid for cabins a few categories above your booked category. The more you bid, the more likely you are win the upgrade. You can be informed of your success a few weeks before departure, up until and including embarkation day.

The bid is based on a room occupancy of 2, so if you are going solo you are paying twice the price and if you are 3 or 4 people you still only pay 2 times the bid price. Also check the price against other upgrade options, because Royal Up may not always be cheaper.

Royal Caribbean & Travel Agency

At any point you can always contact Royal Carribean or your travel agency and check to see if an upgrade is available on your sailing. In some cases the upgrade can be very well priced and can be cheaper than doing a Royal Up. Upgrading in this way is also guaranteed, whereas Royal Up is more of a lottery.

Price Drop

Should the price of your sailing drop after the final payment, the cruise line is unlikely to refund you the price difference, or give you onboard credit. What they can do, if you push them, is to upgrade to a higher class of cabin. If the price of the cabin upgrade is less than the price drop it won't cost you anything, but you may be asked to pay the difference if the new price of the new cabin costs more that the full payment.

So let's say your original cabin cost $1,500, and the price dropped to $1,000, you would have overpaid by $500. If the upgraded cabin cost $2,000 and dropped to $1,500, you could get the upgrade for free, whereas if the new cabin cost $1,600 you could be asked to pay an additional $100.