Introducing Cruises with Friends Blog Series

10 May 2023

We are introducing our series of blog series, making it easier for you to navigate through our blogs based on their common topics.

Blog Series

A lot of our blogs have things in common, such as Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale, Working From Cruise Ships or Internet. Our series of blog series groups associated blogs together, making them easy to access and navigate.

We are launching our blog series with a series of blogs under the category Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale. Over the next weeks will be publishing 9 blog posts about the casino program, with more to come.

Upcoming series include Working from Cruise Ships and Internet.

Where Can I Find The Series Of Blog Series

The home for our series of blog series is

You can always find the home for our Series of Blog Series at the top of the Blogs page, before the list of blog posts.

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