Book An Excursion

Book excursions for the ports you are visiting on your cruise, through the smartphone app or on the web portal.

Booking process

Find the excursion you want, by looking up excursions for your ports of call.

Once you have settled on an excursion we will help you book your excursion.

On the web portal you will be directed to the official excursion page for booking. In the smartphone app you can choose to have the excursion details emailed to you, or the app can open the excursion in your web browser.

Find and book an excursion

Web Portal
Select the cruise you want to book an excursion for from the My Sailings section of the home page

Select the port
Click the excursion button for the port you are interested in.

Select a excursion category
Select the excursion category you are interested in. The available excursions categories are based on excursions available the date of the port of call.

Select an excursion
Select the excursion you are interested in. Some ports have only a few excursions while others have hundreds or even thousands. Click Find out more... to go to the booking page for the excursion.

Smartphone App
Select My Sailings from the home page and select the cruise you want to book an excursion for. In the sailing details click the Itinerary button.

Select the excursion button for th port you are interested in and then select the excursion category you are keen on. You will then be given a list of the excursions available.

Select the excursion that you want to book.

The excursion page gives you detailed information about the excursion, including the price. If you want to go ahead and book the excursion you have 2 options; Open Excursion Link and Email Me The Excursion

Open Excursion Link will open the excursion booking page in the web browser on your smartphone.

Email Me The Excursion will send you an email with the excursion details and a link to the excursion booking page. This option is great if you want to share the excursion with friends before booking.

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