Book A Sailing

Book upcoming cruises through your smartphone or on the web portal. The process is straightforward.

Booking process

To book a sailing you will submit a booking request. The request can be for a specific sailing, or for a certain type of sailing.

The request is sent to the agents at our partner travel agency, who will action the request and get back to you with options, pricing and if you're happy, make the booking.

Select a sailing

The process for selecting a sailing is the same in the smartphone app as on the web portal. There are 3 ways to select the sailing you want to book; general sailing, specific sailing, or friend's sailing.

General Sailing
This option is if you are looking for a sailing based on certain criteria, such as price, location or ports etc, but not a specific sailing. Click Here for more information on doing a General Sailing.

Specific Sailing
This option is if you know exactly which sailing you want to book. Click Here for more information on doing a Specific Sailing .

Friend's Sailing
When browsing a friend's sailings you may have come across a cruise that you would be interest in doing yourself. This option is if you want to book the same sailing as the friend. Click Here for more information on doing a Friend's Sailing

Make A Booking Request

There are two ways of doing a booking; Start a conversation! and Get a quote!.

Start a conversation
If you select Start a conversation a message will be sent to the travel agents, with the available sailing details. There is no further action required. You just need to wait until an agent gets back to you.

Get a quote
If you select Get a quote, you will be asked to fill in a form that requests additional details about your booking. This includes number of cabins, cabin type, notes, passengers and more. Once you are done, click Submit Request and wait for an agent to get back to you.

Web Portal

Smartphone App

Travel Agency Partner

We are partnered with Florida based Cruise Booking Services.

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