Create A Sailing

We strive to have all sailings for the cruise lines that we support, but on occasion a sailing may be missing. When this is the case you can notify our team or you can create the sailing yourself. This is a quick guide to creating a sailing. You can only create sailings from the web portal.

Navigating to the Create Sailing page

From the home page of the web portal click Add Sailing in the My Sailing section.

Selected the cruise line you want to add the sailing for.

Selected the ship you want to add the sailing for.

Click Create Sailing

Create Sailing

Fill in the Cruise Name, Cruise Description as well as Embarkation Port , Embarkation Date Disembarkation Port and Disembarkation Date. Click Save to continue.

You will see a list of the dates of the itinerary. Click to edit each day where the ship is in port. Leave sea days blank.

Enter the name of the port the ship will be visiting on the day. Set the departure and arrival date of the port. If there is only and arrival or only a departure leave the other field empty.

Add Sailing

Once you have finished creating and editing the sailing you can add the sailing to your profile from My Sailings on the home page.