Loyalty Membership

Keep all your cruise loyalty details in one place, in Cruises with Friends, simplifying bookings and loyalty program management.

Loyalty Programs

You can store the details for all your cruise loyalty programs in one place. We support all major cruise lines. Loyalty is part of My Profile.

Screenshot from the loyalty programs page.

Booking Cruises

When you book a cruise through Cruises with Friends we send your sailing details and profile details to the agent so that they can get you the best price on your booking. If you have your loyalty memberships stored in Cruises with Friends we will include these automatically, so you don't have to add the details each time you book.

Screenshot from the loyalty page in the smartphone app.

Manual Entry

At the moment you have to update your loyalty points and tier manually through the smartphone app or the web portal. We hope to be able to do it automatically in the future.