My Profile

My Profile allows you to manage all aspects of your user profile, from managing your password and privacy settings, to uploading your profile photo and maintaining your loyalty settings. More options will come later.

My Profile

You can access your user profile from the menu at the top of every page on our web portal. Just click My Profile. On the mobile app click the profile (person) icon in the top right of home page.

Web portal


Manage My Account (Web Only)

Manage my account allows you to change your name and password. Your username cannot be changed.

My Profile Picture

Add and update the your profile picture on your account account. When your friends access your profile through the web portal or on their smartphones, they will see your picture.

My Notifications (Web Only)

My notifications lets you configure how Cruises with Friends sends you notifications. There are 3 notification settings; Monthly sailing summary, Notify friends when you add a sailing, Be notified when a friend adds a sailing.

Enable monthly sailing summary email of your upcoming cruises
Receive an email summary of all your upcoming sailings on the first of every month. The email also displays the number of upcoming sailings each of your friends has as well.

Send new sailing notification
Whenever you add a sailing Cruises with Friends will notify your friends of the sailings. Your friends must enable Receive new sailing notification to receive the notifications.

Receive new sailing notification
Whenever your friends add a sailing Cruises with Friends you will be notified. Your friends must enable Send new sailing notification for you to receive the notifications.


Manage your cruise loyalty programs. You can add and update loyalty membership details for all of your loyal programs. When you book a sailing your loyalty settings are automatically included in the booking request, making it faster and easier to start your booking process. Find out more on the Loyalty Memberships page


Manage your Cruises with Friends privacy settings. You can set who can look up and view your profile. We will add additional privacy options later. Find out more on the Privacy page