Get The Same Benefits As Booking Onboard With Your Travel Agent

19 April 2023

Cruise lines encourage you to book future cruises while you are onboard on an existing sailing; by offering onboard credit and discounts on the future sailings. You can take advantage of these same offers while still using a travel agent.

Booking Onboard

Your cruise ship will have a future or next cruise desk where you can book future sailings. The benefits of booking through the future cruise desk will vary from cruise line to cruise line. Read our blog book your future cruise later to see the benefits that the 3 major cruise lines; Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean offer.

A number of cruise lines also have a book later option where you pay a deposit for an open sailing, and get all the benefits that you would get if you booked a specific sailing. This means that you are not committing to a specific sailing, but to a sailing some time in the future. You can read more in our blog Book your future cruise later.

Transfer To Your Travel Agent

Once you have booked your future sailing or you have a found a sailing you want to apply an open booking to, you can transfer the booking to your travel agent. Read more about transferring bookings in the blog How to transfer your cruise booking to your travel agent.

There are a number of benefits of booking through a travel agent, including price matching, repricing and customer service. Read more in the blog Book your cruises through a travel agent

Risk Of Waiting

By waiting until you are onboard a ship to make a booking there is of course a risk that the price of the cruise will have gone up. You need to take this into account when deciding if you want to book your future sailings when you are on a ship.

If your next sailing is in a couple of weeks, it is probably worth waiting until you are onboard to make the booking. If your next sailing is several months away the chance of a price increase is much higher.

You will find that other YouTube channels will normally tell you to book your cruise as early as possible to ensure the lowest prices.

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