Can I Play On Multiple Gaming Machines At The Same Time?

5 July 2023

Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale allows you to play on multiple gaming machines (slot machines and video poker) in the casino at the same time.

How to play on multiple gaming machines simultaneously will depend on the age of gaming machines they have on the ship. Older ships have machines that require you to insert your seapass card, whereas the newer ships have a contactless system where you tap your seapass on the machine.

Older Ships

On older ships you can have a duplicate casino card. Go to the casino host and request a duplicate card. You can then insert your original card in one machine and the duplicate card in another. To log out of a machine just withdraw the card from the machine.

We have not asked how many duplicates you are allowed to get.

Old style slot machine

New Ships

On the newer machines you can log into up to 3 machines at a time. All you need to do is to tap on illuminated blue rectangle on the machines you want to play on. It should turn green once you have successfully logged in. To log out tap on the rectangle again, or click log out in on the screen.

New style slot machine

Why Would You Want To Play On Multiple Machines Simultaneously

There are several reasons why you might want to play on several machines simultaneously. The most common reason is so that you can accumulate casino points faster.

Another reason may be that you are travelling with a partner or a friend and you want to accumulate points on one person's casino account.

You might also want to be spreading your bets across multiple machines.

Photo by Christopher Ryan on Unsplash

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