Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale Loyalty Program

13 May 2023

This is a quick guide to Royal Caribbean's casinos, Casino Royale, and their loyalty program Club Royale.

Casino Royale

All casinos on Royal Caribbean ships are called Casino Royale. In the casinos you will find slot machines, video poker machines as well the most popular tables games; blackjack, roulette, craps, stud poker and poker.

The casino organises courses on how to play the various table games. It also organises regular tournaments for table games and slot machines.

You can find out more about Casino Royale at

Club Royale

Club Royale is Casino Royale's loyalty program. You will be automatically enrolled when you play in the casino as a Crown & Anchor member. You can earn points based on your play. In the next section you can see how you can earn points.

Club Royale has 4 tiers, Choice , Prime, Signature and Masters. The moment you earn a single point you will be at Choice. Your seapass will reflect this on future sailings. The more points you earn the better the benefits are. Here are the tiers and how many points you need to get to each tier.


You can see the benefits on our Club Royal Benefits, or on the Royal Caribbean rewards page

How To Earn Points

You earn 1 reward point and tier credit for every $5 coin in at slot machines and 1 point for every $10 coin in on video poker machines. You earn points at table games based on the type of game, average bet and length of play.

Free Play

If you're a member of Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor loyalty program you will be given a certain amount of free play credit. The free play will vary from $2 to $6 depending on your Crown & Anchor status.

The free play credit cannot be cashed out, it MUST be played. Any winnings you make with the free play can be cashed out.

If you access your free play within the first 2 days of the sailing you may be given additional credit to play with. On our most recent sailing we were given an extra $6, giving us a total of $12 to play with.

Learn how to access your free play credit by going to our blog page How to claim your free casino credit

Casino Year

Club Royale's casino year runs from 1st of April to the 31st of March the following year. Read more in our blog What is Club Royale's Casino Year.

Claiming Your Rewards

You can receive Club Royale offers through Instant cruise rewards, Reaching Prime or higher tiers or through Free rewards. Find out more about getting a complimentary cruise on our blog page Complimentary cruises from Royal Caribbean's Club Royale.

If you have earned or been awarded offers from Club Royale you can access them through the Club Royale offers page It's worth checking the page regularly in case you have received unexpected offers.

Casino Match

Royal Caribbean has a casino match program to entice you to sail with and gamble with Royal Caribbean. All you need to do is submit a current casino offer or active player card from a qualifying casino program. You may be eligible for discounts, free drinks in the casino or even a complimentary sailing.

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