New Feature
Create Sailing

10 January 2023

Your sailing may not exist on Cruises with Friends, but you want to add the sailing to your profile. The solution is to create the sailing yourself. This is a new feature we have recently added to our platform.

Missing Sailings

There are 2 reasons why a sailing does not exist in Cruises with Friends.

1. The data from our data supplier does not contain the sailing. This could be because the cruise line has not provided the data or the data supplier has accidentally missed the sailing data.

2. We have not purchased the data for the specific cruise line, but we have included the cruise so that users can create the sailings manually. At the time of writing we have not purchased sailing data for Holland America, and Virgin Voyages is not available to be purchased.

Create Sailing

You can only create new sailings through the web portal. Click Read more to access the user guide on how to create sailings.