Complimentary cruises from Royal Caribbean's Club Royale

13 June 2023

There are 3 ways you can get complimentary cruises from Club Royale; Instant cruise rewards, Tier rewards when reaching Prime or higher tiers or through Free rewards.

Instant Cruise Rewards

Instant cruise rewards are rewarded if you earn 400 or more points on a single sailing. The complimentary cruises start at 1,200 on a single sailing. The rewards get better the more points you earn, so for 1,200 points there may be a list of 15 sailings you can book, whereas if you earn 1,500 points there may be 50 or 60 sailings.

The type of cabin you are offered is better the more points you earn, so for 1,200 you may be offered an inside cabin, but at 1,500 or 2,000 points you may be offered ocean view or balcony staterooms.

On the last day of your sailing the casino will deliver to your cabin, a list of the sailings available based on the number of points you have earned on that sailing. In order to take advantage of the instant cruise reward you need to book the sailing while onboard your current sailing or purchase a Book Later reservation on your current sailing. If you use the Book Later option you have 7 days after the end of the sailing to place the booking.

Read our Casino Royale instant cruise rewards blog for details on the benefits you get for each point level on your sailing.

In 2022 you only needed 800 points to earn an instant cruise reward, but Royal Caribbean have become less generous and now require 1,200 points.

Tier Reward

If you earn a total of at least 2,500 points within a casino year you will receive a complimentary tier cruise. The tier cruise can be used on select cruises of up to 7-night sailing.

There are some sailings that are excluded from the tier cruise. The exclusions tend to be around the main holidays, as well as on ships that have been in service for less than a year. When you earn you tier cruise you will see which sailings are excluded.

Below is a table of the points required and the cabin types for each tier.

TierPointsCabin Type
Masters100,000+Grand Suite

Free Reward

Casino Royale gives casino offers to certain players, without them having earned Instant cruise rewards sailings or Tier Reward. How these offers are given is unknown and the casino is not willing to divulge any information on the algorithm.

What we do know is that some people get regular cruise offers with only a few hundred tier points, while others have thousands of points but receive no offers.

We also know that the casino may have multiple accounts under your name and that this may prevent you from getting the free cruises. This was the case for us earlier this year. Even after them correcting the issues we still haven't received any free cruises. It's worth contacting Casino Royale to check the status of your account.

We currently have a theory that it's about the sizes of the bets rather than the number of points or total amount of money played. We are doing some experiments on different betting patterns on different cruises, and if we come to some conclusion we will publish them here.

There is also a theory that once you have booked several free cruises, future offers dry up.

Accessing Your Reward Cruises

If you have earned or been awarded offers from Club Royale you can access them through the Club Royale offers page It's worth checking the page regularly in case you have received unexpected offers.

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