How Much Do You Need To Spend In Casino Royale?

25 May 2023

Calculating the points earned at the casino tables is a dark art, but this is not the case for the gaming machines. You need to spend $5 at the slot machines and $10 at the video poker machines to get 1 point. But the real cost should actually be lower.

How Much Would You Expect To Play To Get To ...

In order to get to Prime you need to earn 2,500 points within a casino year. This means you have to put 2,500 x $ 5 or $12,500 through the slot machines or $25,000 through the video poker machines. This is a lot of money. Similary if you are going for Signature you would have to put $125,000 through the slot machines or $250,000 through the video poker machines, and for Masters it would be $500,000 and $1,000,000 respectively.

In reality for every $100 you put into the machine you will get a percentage back. This is referred to as the RTP or Return to Player. This will often be around 98% at a land based casino. We are making an assumption of 85% on cruise ships. As cruise ships are in international waters and don't follow US or European gambling laws, they can up to a point set their own RTPs.

Assuming an RTP of 85%, you should on average get $85 for every $100 you play in the slot machines. At Casino Royale you get 1 point for every $5 which would give you 20 points for $100 dollars. If you replay the winnings you should get about 119 points for every $100 "invested". Based on this it should cost about $2,100 to get to Prime at 2,500 points, $21,000 to get to Signature at 25,000 points and $84,000 to get to Master at 100,000 points.

Calculating The Estimated Cost Per Point

We are assuming that the RTP (return to player) percentage for machines in Royal Caribbean's casinos is 85%. So for every $100 you put in the machine you will get $85 back. So statistically, if you put $100 into the machine and you keep putting your winnings in you should get around 119 points.

Amount PlayedPoints

Our calculations are theoretical and should only be used as a guide. On our sailing in April 2023 we earned 280 points at a cost of $500.

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