How To Claim Your Free Casino Credit

12 July 2023

All crown & anchor members are given a small amount of casino credit that can be spent on slot machines and video poker machines in the casino. The amount will depend on your loyalty status and some other factors. Gold members will normally receive $2 whereas Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members typically receive $6 or $8.

Log Into Your Account

Log into your account by inserting your seapass into the card reader (older ships) or tapping it on the blue rectangle (newer ships). Click on Account, and you will be asked to enter your PIN.

If this is the first time you are logging in on the current sailing you will be required to change your PIN before you can log into your account.

Changing Your PIN

The default PIN is your month of birth and day of birth so if your birthday is the 1st of June, the PIN is 0601. You will then be asked to change your PIN, so go ahead and choose a PIN that you prefer.

Once you have changed your PIN you can log in using the step above.

Transfer To Your Account

Once you have logged in you can transfer your Promo credit to your account.

Click on PERSONAL BANKER, followed by TRANSFER TO GAME and then PROMO$. On the display you will see the Available Balance which is how much credit you have been given. Enter the amount you want to transfer to your account. We recommend transferring the full balance.

You are now ready to play.


With the promo credits transferred to your account you can now play with your credit.


You cannot withdraw the promo credit that you have transferred to your account, you have to play the credit. Any winnings you make using the credit can be withdrawn by clicking the Cash Out button.

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