Can I connect a Nintendo Switch to the cruise ship's Wi-Fi

Published: 26 June 2024

You cannot your Nintendo Switch directly to the cruise ship's Wi-Fi network. But there are some tricks that will get you online.

Why you cannot connect

If you have tried to connect to the cruise ship's Wi-Fi from your Nintendo Switch you will probably have noticed that you cannot connect. This is probably because you are required to log in once you have connected to Wi-Fi network. The Switch will not load the log in screen, and the devices fails to connect.

The workaround

The way to enable you to connect your Switch to the Wi-Fi network, and Internet is to set up your own Wi-Fi hotspot. You can do this using a travel Wi-Fi router, an Android smartphone or a Windows based computer.

On our recent sailing we set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on our laptop, and connected the laptop to the ship's Wi-Fi network. We then connected the switch to our hotspot, and it work perfectly.

You can read more about setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot in our blog Getting the most out of your Internet package, where we tell you have to create a Hotspot using your computer and with travel Wi-Fi router. You can out more about Wi-Fi on cruise ships in our blog series Cruise ship Internet series.

Royal Caribbean

We have only tried to connect to the ship's Wi-Fi network on Royal Caribbean ships. We have not tried on ships from other cruise lines, but we would expect to face the same problems with other lines. The workaround should the same.

Other Devices

We have not tested any other portable devices, that are similar to the Nintendo Switch, but we would expect these devices to have the same problems as the Switch. If you are able to connect with another device please let us know and we will update our blog.

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