What is written on my Seapass card?

6 June 2024

Your Seapass card has a lot of useful information, and some less useful information written the front. We will delve deeper into what is written on your Seapass card in this blog.

Royal Caribbean Seapass card

Your name

At the top of your Seapass card will be your name. If you're travelling with one or more companions this makes it easy for you to identify your Seapass card when you are in your stateroom. If you're travelling solo, this is of course less valuable.

Crown & Anchor

Crown & Anchor displays what tier you are in Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor society loyalty program. If you are a Pinnacle member your card will also be Gold, making it obvious to staff members that you are a Pinnacle Club member. The only time the tier might be important is when there are events or restrictions, such as access to the Crown Lounge.

Club Royale

If you have a tier in Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale loyalty program you may see Club Royale on your Seapass card. Below that should be your Club Royale tier. If your tier is Prime, Signature or Masters you get complimentary drinks at the casino bar. The bartenders can see your status when you show them your Seapass card. If you have turned Prime on your current sailing the casino host will attach a Prime sticker onto your Seapass card, so that you get the Prime benefits from that point. Find out more about Club Royale in our blog Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale Loyalty Program

Ship & sailing dates

When you're on your sailing the ship and sailing dates are kind of obvious, so these details are pointless during your sailing, unless you are doing back to back sailings and you have the Seapass from your previous sailing. You can keep your Seapass after your sailing as a souvenir. Having the ship and sail date allows you to easily organise the Seapasses from your previous sailings.

Stateroom number

Your Seapass card will always display your Stateroom number, making it easy to locate your cabin. All you need to remember is which deck you are on. The deck number is NOT displayed on your Seapass card for security purposes. You don't want unwanted visitors in your stateroom, nor do you want someone being able to charge things to your account in the event someone gets their hands on your seapass card.


Account is your folio number or expense account number on the sailing. We have never seen this number being used, but it is there for crew members to quickly look up your account if you're at guest services. The account number will probably match the number you will see when reviewing your account on your stateroom TV and in your account details on the Royal Caribbean app.

If you have laundry done the form you fill in does ask for your account number, but we have never filled in this field in the form when we have had laundry done.

On a previous sailing we asked the suite concierge about the account number, and she confirmed that the account number is used internally by staff members. What we didn't know was that if you ask for a replacement seapass card, the account number changes, so that they crew can track which seapass card you use.

Assembly station

The Assembly station, or muster station is where you need to go in the case of an emergency. This, as well as your stateroom number are the two most important information on your Seapass card. Although you go to your Assembly station on embarkation day, you are likely to forget it within a short time.


Dining will display what dining time you have booked. The options are normally early dining around 5:30, late dining, around 8:00 and My Time dining, which is flexible dining. For early and late dining you will have an allocated table, which will be displayed on the Seapass card. You will also see the deck your table is located on. For My Time dining you will not have an allocated table, and you will just see the deck you will be dining on.


If you purchased The Key before your sailing, you should see a key symbol on your Seapass card. The Key is a program that allows guests to purchase certain perks for their sailing, such as priority embarkation and disembarkation, private times at activities and more. If you are unfamiliar with The Key, check out the blog Is The Key on Royal Caribbean worth it..

Beverage Package

If you have purchased a beverage package, your Seapass will display which package you have. We don't have a Seapass with this as we have never purchased a drinks package.

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