Reinstall Smartphone App

30 December 2022

We have made some changes to the data on the platform. You will need to reinstall the smartphone app. Your data is stored on the server and will the synchronized to the app when you reinstall and log in.

System Data Chanage

You may have noticed that the cruise ships available when you select Royal Caribbean only shows Icon of the Seas. We had to do a data correction on the Royal Caribbean ships as the cruise line name contained some extra characters.

The data has been corrected but it requries you to uninstall our app and reinstall it.

Your Data

Your cruise data and profile data is all stored on our servers. This allows you to access your Cruises with Friends account from our portal as well as from any number of smartphones.

When you reinstall the app on your phone and log in the phone will automatically download your data from our server.


There is an update to this issue in the blog How To Uninstall And Reinstall The Android App.