New Feature
User Profiles

3 January 2023

The latest release of the Cruises with Friends web portal and smartphone apps introduces My Profile, where you can configure your personal settings. You can read more about My Profile in our new User Guide.

Happy New Year

First of all we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. We hope you had a festive holiday season.

Profile Picture

Through the smartphone apps and the portal you can now add your profile picture to your account. When your friends search for you or look up your sailing they can see your mugshot, making it easier to identify you.

Loyalty Program

Store all of your cruise loyalty details in Cruises with Friends, simplifying bookings and loyalty program management.

If you book through Cruises with Friends your membership number will be included automatically in the request sent to the travel agent.


Manage your Cruises with Friends privacy settings. You can set who can look up and view your profile. We will add additional privacy options later.