Royal Caribbean crystal blocks

10 January 2024

Royal Caribbean crystal blocks are commemorative rewards for loyal cruisers, symbolizing their dedication and love for cruising.

Old and new style crystal blocks

How do I get a crystal block?

Crystal blocks are awarded based on the accumulation of cruise points within Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor loyalty program. Guests earn points for each night they cruise with Royal Caribbean, see Earning Points for how many points you get.

You will earn your first block on the sailing you reach 140 Crown & Anchor points. You will receive the block for the ship on which you reach the milestone.

You will receive additional blocks for every 70 Crown & Anchor points you earn after that.

Receiving the crystal block

There are 3 ways of receiving your crystal block; to your stateroom, from the loyalty ambassador and by mail.

In most cases your block will be delivered to your stateroom at some point during your sailing. It will be delivered with a note from the loyalty team.

You can go to the loyalty ambassador on your sailing and ask for the crystal block. This may be something you want to do if you should have received a block on a previous sailing and didn't, or if you are doing multiple sailings on the ship and you want the block before or after your qualifying sailing.

You may be able to arrange for your block to be sent to your home address. This may happen because the ship has run out of blocks or you don't want to transport it home, due to weight restrictions. During covid the cruise line gave you a questionaire where you could specify how you wanted the block.

Earning points

You start earning points from your first cruise. You earn points for each night you spend on a cruise, based on the table below.

Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Inside 2 1
Ocean View 2 1
Balcony 2 1
Suite 3 2

If you end up travelling solo because your travel partner cannot make the sailing you will NOT get the points based on double occupancy, even though you are travelling solo. This is a recent development by Royal Caribbean. If you want to get the double points, you must have them removed from the sailing prior to embarkation day.

What types of blocks are there

Up until 2023, the crystal blocks were clear blocks, see the photo above. In 2023, Royal Caribbean introduced the new coloured blocks.

You are likely to receive the new coloured blocks going forward. Although you may be lucky and still get a clear one if your receive the block onboard and they still have the clear ones in stock. Ask the loyalty ambassador if you want a specific type.

What If I Haven't Received My Block

You have up to 12 months or a year after your sailing to request your crystal block, if you haven't received it. After 12 months you are out of luck.

If you are currently on a ship, have a word with loyalty ambassador. They can request the block for you, look up the status of your block and chase the progress of your block.

If you are not on a ship, get in contact with the Crown & Anchor Society. If you want to contact the loyalty ambassador from your ship check out this link How do I Contact the Loyalty Ambassador or Concierge on my Royal Caribbean sailing?.

Blocks can take several months to arrive, even up to a year. Just make sure that you have followed up with Royal Caribbean within a year of your sailing.

Planning sailings around blocks

A lot of frequent cruisers plan their sailings around when they get their crystal blocks, to ensure that they get the blocks that they want.

Swapping blocks

As you accumulate blocks you are likely to end up with multiple blocks from the same ships. You can choose to not accept blocks, by telling Royal Caribbean. Alternatively you can swap your duplicate blocks with other cruisers.

There is a Facebook group called "Royal Caribbean Crystal Block Trader's" where you can swap blocks. You can also post blocks in the chat groups for your upcoming sailings.

Check out the new Royal Caribbean Crystal Block service on Cruises with Friends. Read more about it in our Swapping Royal Caribbean crystal blocks blog.

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